1978 Newspaper Advert for Debenhams Hull. Headline says English Lady and Bickler Special Offer. Line drawings of women include sleeveless summer dresses costed from £6.00 to £14.00
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Hull Fashion History: What Was Great About 1978!

The 1970s was a decade of fashion extremes….   Floaty fashions of the post-hippy culture mixed with stomping platforms and glam rock but by 1978 when the House of Mirelle closed every inspiration was up for grabs. Fashion design was diverse, streetwise and truly international. By mid 1978 tailoring, disco and the romantic look had […]

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A 1960 newspaper advert for C&A department store in Hull. The logo is above the words Fresh and Gay. Expressive illustrations underneath are of women wearing summer dresses with full skirts in floral fabrics. To the right are two hats. The background is pink.
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Hull Fashion History: The Art Of Illustration – 100 Years of Fashion Advertising 1859 – 1960

This advert for Edwin Davis in the Hull Packet newspaper of summer 1859 is barely recognisable in comparison with fashion advertising we know today. In today’s world, glossy magazines and TV adverts are part of a global industry with an estimated worth of over 3 trillon dollars. In this high stakes, highly competitive market it is […]

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