Edwin Davis Building 2016 houseofmirelle.uk
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Retail History: We Remember Edwin Davis on Bond Street Hull

Bulldozers pointing towards Edwin Davis in the centre of Hull makes us consider its legacy. To some the square-shaped red bricks are an eyesore, a defunct relic but for others memories of the iconic landmark are as ingrained as shopping trips with their mothers, walks around the city centre and fond recollections of Hull’s past. […]

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July 1935 Thornton Varley Hull Advertises Cool Frocks For Hot Days
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Fashion History: Modelling in Hull between 1930s and 1950s and Modelling Today

The life of a fashion model seems impossibly glamorous, endless gorgeous clothes, runways and catwalks and camera flashes popping left right and centre as you go about your job. Models and modelling was present in Hull from the early days, as far back as the 1920s and 1930s. In fact it is only since the […]

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Social History: The Orphaned Singer Sewing Machine, Sewing Workrooms and The Culture Of Sewing Book

This week Harvard’s online Magazine published an article about a treadle sewing machine. The title was An Orphaned Sewing Machine and it was written by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. The link’s there if you’d like to read it. Ulrich and her colleague Ivan Gaskell were given an old Singer treadle sewing machine as a means of teaching […]

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Albion Street 1939. Looking down the road towards The Hull Royal Infirmary, a large brick air raid shelter sits in the middle. Some people walk along the left side. The clock says it's 25 to 8 a.m.
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Hull History: Picture Research Albion Street In 1939 and The Hull Blitz

In 1911 when Editor Tess Flanders said: “use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words,” she’d hit the nail on the head about the soon-to-be popularity of photography, videos and visual media that floods our lives today. A picture does speak a thousand words and picture research – looking at them closely and researching what […]

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Simplicity patterns 3914. Miss Size 16 bust 36. Lovely early 1960s dresses with full skirts and different styles of textiles.
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Hull Fashion History: Dressmaking In The Early 1960s – A Misses Burnt Orange Cotton Dress

“Not burnished, burnt,” said Louise in the middle of a conversation. “You’re right,” I replied, “I like the word burnished and burnt orange is one of my most favourite colours you see. I’ve even got it at home.” Louise grabbed my attention by sharing a fascinating snippet from when she was a teenager. Her mother had […]

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A 1960 newspaper advert for C&A department store in Hull. The logo is above the words Fresh and Gay. Expressive illustrations underneath are of women wearing summer dresses with full skirts in floral fabrics. To the right are two hats. The background is pink.
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Hull Fashion History: The Art Of Illustration – 100 Years of Fashion Advertising 1859 – 1960

This advert for Edwin Davis in the Hull Packet newspaper of summer 1859 is barely recognisable in comparison with fashion advertising we know today. In today’s world, glossy magazines and TV adverts are part of a global industry with an estimated worth of over 3 trillon dollars. In this high stakes, highly competitive market it is […]

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