Blue suit by Jean Pratchett 1952
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Guess The Year With Our Fashion History Game !

February 21, 2019

Are you a true fashionista !


Take a walk down memory lane with our fun fashion history quiz


Below are fifteen fine examples of Vintage fashion

Can you guess the year…

Plaid coat from 1955
ONE: Vibrant oranges, browns and beige, this coat with wide checks had a loose fit around the back and a deep collar. Typical of it coming from mid-decade what was the year ….
A print dress from 1962
TWO: An explosion of flowers, this dress with its loose fitting sleeves and belted waist had a matching coatee. Harking back to fifties florals, when would this striking summer suit have been seen in all the best outlets…
Blue suit by Jean Pratchett 1952
THREE: Perfectly matching this blue suit by Jean Pratchett is worn with obligatory hat, gloves and pearls. Showing off a tiny waist and hourglass figure when would Lou Schneider have stocked this ready-to-wear.
1968 Acquascutum coat British Advert
FOUR: Fast forward at least a decade and Acquascutum was the quintessential British top end designer of outerwear. Using self-sourced woolens designed to their own specifications, what year would purples and oranges and an over the knee A line been advertised in all good fashion magazines….
teen fashions 1969
FIVE: By the latter part of this decade fashion had undergone a revolution, the world as well. When would catalogue company Sears have sold these teen fashions – hint – their older sisters and brothers could have been hippies heading to San Fran.
A 1946 Dress with Peplum
SIX: Light and floaty and with acres of fabric this dress has a rose-trimmed peplum around the waist. Ultra fashionable and displaying a new trend, can you guess which year….
fashion illustration daywear 1959
SEVEN: At the end of this decade no-one could have guessed that Mary Quant boutique fashion designer in Kings Road, London would make child-like clothes fashionable for women, making this silhouette permanently defunct. 
Nina Ricci Dress 1952
EIGHT: The dress was by Nina Ricci photographed by Philippe Pottier. Black and white capturing the creases, drapes and folds perfectly plus hat and gloves and a still studio pose. 
1977 Issue Playgirl
NINE: Oh my goodness what a difference! Streetwise fashion influenced these women’s choices as well as a new high energy dance trend taking place in clubs like Studio 54. Punk was also affecting fashion in the United Kingdom in what year…
1967 Catalogue fashion
TEN: Pop music swept the nation in the year it finally became acceptable for women to wear trousers rather than skirts. Were they listening to the Monkees or All You Need Is Love in this trend-setting year.
1955 Dovima Advert
ELEVEN: We’ve seen the year before but this Dovima advert shows the best of an ensemble for Country Wear. When would it have been the height of social aspiration for woman and their daughters to dress in this way…
1970s yellow pant suits and matching yellow button through dress
TWELVE: Time for a big discussion. The year of this shot from the 1970s isn’t exactly known but we think it’s 1974, do you agree!
1958 Tailored Suit
THIRTEEN: We can see the influence of Coco Chanel’s iconic jacket and skirt in this smart suit for wearing during the day. Essential to team it with gloves and a hat the decade was on its way to an end as well as its expectations about what women should wear.
1946 fashion Advert
FOURTEEN: our journey through fashion is almost finished and here we return to a much earlier year. Straight lines and almost uniform-style cut with very little fabric are clues to which year this was fashionable. In the evening she may have worn the peplum dress out dancing, utterly glamorous despite a post-war atmosphere.
1976 Acquascutum Advert
FIFTEEN: the last of our fashion history quiz ends with another mid-decade year. Acquascutum survived the biggest changes to the end of this decade still trading today although you wouldn’t need raincoats due to a super-hot heatwave in this final fashionable year.


Are you a true fashion history fashionista?

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