Talks and Lectures


Forty Years Of Fashion History

Want to learn more about the history of The House of Mirelle in an interactive talk or teaching session? 

The session includes research into Mirelle and Oral History – the voices of those who’ve contributed to the archive ‘in their own words.’

Subject areas include: 

  • Biography of Mira Mountain: Hull’s Creative Pioneer

Fashion History 

  • The Dynamics Of Fashion, Hull, London, The World 1938-1978
  • Boutique Couture: The Process of Design, Marketing and Make
  • Hull City: A Modern History of Fashion and Fashion Retail

The Showroom 

  • House of Mirelle Showrooms: The Staff and Their Skills
  • Modelling For Mirelle: A Thriving Business In Hull

The House of Mirelle Costume Collection 

  • View The Private Collection of Modern Costume From The House Of Mirelle

The Sewing Workroom 

  • The History and Culture Of Sewing
  • House of Mirelle Workrooms: The Art Of Sewing and Tailoring
  • Sewing Archaeology: Deconstructing Sewing Practices At The House of Mirelle

The House of Mirelle and Hull 

  • The Soco-Economic Climate In Hull. Women Living Their Lives; Society, Business and Success
  • Hull and Mirelle: Inextricably Linked for Forty Years


14th November 2017 at Hull History Centre: 12:30-1:30.

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