A colour advert from 1956 from the fashion label Doree Leventhal. The model is wearing a sleeveless black gown with bows on the shoulders, white elbow length gloves, and a full skirt. Across the bodice and skirt are white dots and a floral design. It says a short evening dress in a Martin and Savage velvet made with Courtaulds rayon.
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Diary: The House of Mirelle Book-Progress Along The Way

(Main photo: Doree Leventhal Ltd dress: advertised in Britannia and Eve 1st December 1956.)  It seems entirely right to type a progress blog as the weather sits half and half between Winter and Spring. Outside it’s like a cold engine starting but behind the scenes things are changing. Even the birds and wildlife are perky […]

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A colour photo. A pile of newspapers has the words Non-Fiction A Story That is Real
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Writing Historic Non-Fiction: The Difference Between ‘What If’ and ‘What Is.’

In a straw poll most people say what they enjoy reading but might stumble over what their favourite genre is. The House of Mirelle book is non-fiction. That means it’s factual writing… Since I’ve been working on it, I’ve been asked a lot of questions. Some of them have gone like this: “Will it be […]

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