A black and white traditional diagram and illustration of a Singer treadle sewing machine E 5453 with parts labelled.
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Oral History: Witness2Fashion’s Memory Of Using Treadle Sewing Machines

Recently we’ve been chatting to the person behind the fantastic blog Witness2Fashion  about all things ‘treadle sewing machine.’  Based in California you might expect a difference between the UK / Hull Yorkshire but I was struck by how similar they were. Treadles have the same charm wherever you were in the world when you sat and […]

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Social History: The Orphaned Singer Sewing Machine, Sewing Workrooms and The Culture Of Sewing Book

This week Harvard’s online Magazine published an article about a treadle sewing machine. The title was An Orphaned Sewing Machine and it was written by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. The link’s there if you’d like to read it. Ulrich and her colleague Ivan Gaskell were given an old Singer treadle sewing machine as a means of teaching […]

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