Edwin Davis Building 2016 houseofmirelle.uk
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Retail History: We Remember Edwin Davis on Bond Street Hull

Bulldozers pointing towards Edwin Davis in the centre of Hull makes us consider its legacy. To some the square-shaped red bricks are an eyesore, a defunct relic but for others memories of the iconic landmark are as ingrained as shopping trips with their mothers, walks around the city centre and fond recollections of Hull’s past. […]

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Book Review: Life In Hull From Then Till Now by Kay Pearson: A Fascinating Look Back on Women’s Lives.

Kay Pearson loved music throughout her life, playing piano in music halls, theatre, dance halls and people’s homes. Her book was published in 1978 after a feature about her life in the Hull Daily Mail. She was asked to finish the book, people as tickled by her story as the ivories Kay played from childhood. […]

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Historic Hammonds, Hull’s Iconic Department Store

Hammonds, Hull’s iconic department store sails like a great ocean liner on Paragon Square. It greets shoppers and visitors as soon as they arrive at Paragon Station, saying ‘come in here.’ Carl Hammond established his drapery store – selling cloth and individual items – in 1821. Then the city of Hull was very different from […]

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Albion Street 1939. Looking down the road towards The Hull Royal Infirmary, a large brick air raid shelter sits in the middle. Some people walk along the left side. The clock says it's 25 to 8 a.m.
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Hull History: Picture Research Albion Street In 1939 and The Hull Blitz

In 1911 when Editor Tess Flanders said: “use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words,” she’d hit the nail on the head about the soon-to-be popularity of photography, videos and visual media that floods our lives today. A picture does speak a thousand words and picture research – looking at them closely and researching what […]

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Betty Bartlett, Hull Dressmaker marries in 1942 wearing a knee length Turquoise dress she made herself, matching her red hair.
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Beatrice Betty Bartlett, Dressmaker: 40 Years Of Design and Dressmaking In Hull, UK

Anne Kettley talks of her mother’s dressmaking skills with pride: “she didn’t know how to do anything else,” she explains, “but working at the House Of Mirelle must have been the start of it all.” “She couldn’t do embroidery, knitting or tapestry, all she could do was designing and making clothes. “We never had to […]

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