Picture of Jameson Street towards British Home Stores Old Hull
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S.O.S. Give Your Memories Of Hull’s Co-Op BHS and 3 Ships Mural to SAVE OUR SHIPS!

As a child Esther’s father told his daughter stories of the deep sea waters he fished in and the rise and fall of the city of Hull that was their home.   Sipping cafe drinks they sat in front of a building so large its front curved all the way left and all the way […]

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If Walls Could Talk – 114 Coltman Street Tells Us The Story of Hull’s Charitable Past

Coltman Street runs at right angles from Hull’s Hessle Road up to the other running west from the city centre, Anlaby Road. In days past Hessle Road thrived, fuelled by shipping and fishing in the UK’s third port but the Cod Wars of the 1960s and 70s ran the area to ground, town planning eventually taking […]

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Houseofmirelle.uk publishes books covering topics about and related to the history of Hull’s fashion house. ** Available on Amazon**   Mira Bibbero Johnson Family, Philanthropy, Fashion: A Biography of Hull’s Actress-Entertainer In 1840 a small Jewish family emigrated from Prussia settling in Kingston Upon Hull. 100 years later their great-granddaughter Mira Bibbero Johnson was one […]

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