A black and white traditional diagram and illustration of a Singer treadle sewing machine E 5453 with parts labelled.
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Oral History: Witness2Fashion’s Memory Of Using Treadle Sewing Machines

Recently we’ve been chatting to the person behind the fantastic blog Witness2Fashion  about all things ‘treadle sewing machine.’  Based in California you might expect a difference between the UK / Hull Yorkshire but I was struck by how similar they were. Treadles have the same charm wherever you were in the world when you sat and […]

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A black and white photo taken in 1968. A group of women walk purposefully along a street in Hull. They are all wearing coats and head scarves. At the front is Lillian Bilocca, the person leading the protest. Next to her is a policeman.
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Social History 1968 to 1969: The Headscarf Protest, Fashion Inertia and The Years Of Change

The Headscarf Revolutionaries by Brian Lavery had been on the must-read list since the early days researching the House of Mirelle. From information about Hull’s Headscarf Protest I turned to the history of the fishing industry and the Cod Wars. Lavery’s book sketched in the details in a work of such imagination and feeling, history came […]

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A colour photo showing the bodice of a silver and tan tight fitting halter neck gown displayed on a mannequin. The image is copyright Carrie Henderson.
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Donating Vintage Fashion: The House of Mirelle, Doree Leventhal and Robita Couture

This month has seen a couple of additions to the House of Mirelle collection. Both are eye catching, stunning examples of vintage fashion at its very best! The first is a gorgeous midnight blue dress which revealed the most surprising addition: a boned corset / bustier built into the bodice section lining. “How ingenious,” I […]

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