A 1950s illustration of a woman with short blonde hair, elbow length gloves and a short necklace walking from left to right along a catwalk. She is wearing a black strapless evening gown with full and flowing black skirt. The bodice and side panel is covered in gold rhinestones. She is carrying a gold clutch bag.
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Fashion Illustration: Watch The Film Drawing The 1940s to 1950s House Of Mirelle Evening Gown

Between circa 1949 and 1952 a black evening gown was sold at The House of Mirelle, a UK fashion house based in Hull. It was the golden age of fashion illustration when artists interpreted designs which were published in magazines, journals and newspapers. Watch our film to see how an artist might have illustrated the […]

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A clip from a 1950s British Pathe newsreel. A model stands on a catwalk wearing a light colored dress with 3 /4 length sleeves and a V bodice trimmed in black. The skirt is below knee length and straight, with pockets also lined in black.
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Fashion History: Mr Mintz of Linda Leigh Designs For The Fuller Figure

How curvy ladies were designed for in Fashion History …. The commentator of this British Pathe film points out that it’s nice to see women who aren’t entirely sylph like on the catwalk. 1950s Fashion You would be forgiven for thinking that fashion of the 1950s was all about slender lines, but Mr Mintz  designed […]

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A colour photo showing the bodice of a silver and tan tight fitting halter neck gown displayed on a mannequin. The image is copyright Carrie Henderson.
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Donating Vintage Fashion: The House of Mirelle, Doree Leventhal and Robita Couture

This month has seen a couple of additions to the House of Mirelle collection. Both are eye catching, stunning examples of vintage fashion at its very best! The first is a gorgeous midnight blue dress which revealed the most surprising addition: a boned corset / bustier built into the bodice section lining. “How ingenious,” I […]

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A woman stands in a Parisian street wearing Christian Dior's New Look. On her head is a Coolie Hat. She has a light coloured tight fitting jacket with the characteristic flare from the waist. The dark skirt is ballerina length and flared. She is wearing black gloves.
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When Cherry Marshall Met Seignon: Making A Model and The Face Of Susan Small.

Irene Pearson wouldn’t have become Cherry Marshall if it hadn’t been for Seignon – it took a chance meeting in 1946 to seal the deal. Long before a marriage to writer Emanuel Litvinoff – or Manny – gave her that lucky break, she responded to an advert in a Nottingham newspaper for a ‘model in […]

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A newspaper report from 1953 titled Fashion Favours Leather. It is about couturier Michael Sherard's leather collection from the same year and shows a dress, choker an coat made of leather.
1950s Fashion | Fashion History | History of Couture

Fashion trends then and now: Leather in 1953, Leather in 2016.

Everyone is at it! Using leather in their designs, that is. The catwalks from Autumn Winter 2015 all the way through this year are filled with designers and fashion houses being inventive with leather. It’s everywhere and going to be a massive trend for 2016. But did you know that the first leather trend in […]

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The Mirelle Historic Archive is a collection of items associated with the history of The House of Mirelle.  It contains: photographs newspaper clippings fashion articles fashion show programmes clothing – modern costume fashion illustrations personal mementos interviews and oral history   Items from the archive are part of the lecture The House of Mirelle 1938-1978 […]

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Talks and Lectures

THE HOUSE OF MIRELLE HULL 1938-1978 Forty Years Of Fashion History Want to learn more about the history of The House of Mirelle in an interactive talk or teaching session?  The session includes research into Mirelle and Oral History – the voices of those who’ve contributed to the archive ‘in their own words.’ Subject areas […]

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