The House of Mirelle project could not take place without the help, advice and assistance of the following. Places:   The British Library Hull History Centre Hull Museums  Hull and District Local History Research Group  Old Hull Facebook Hull The Good Old Days Facebook  Hull And East Riding At War Facebook ( website is under construction […]

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A black and white photo taken in 1968. A group of women walk purposefully along a street in Hull. They are all wearing coats and head scarves. At the front is Lillian Bilocca, the person leading the protest. Next to her is a policeman.
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Social History 1968 to 1969: The Headscarf Protest, Fashion Inertia and The Years Of Change

The Headscarf Revolutionaries by Brian Lavery had been on the must-read list since the early days researching the House of Mirelle. From information about Hull’s Headscarf Protest I turned to the history of the fishing industry and the Cod Wars. Lavery’s book sketched in the details in a work of such imagination and feeling, history came […]

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