A poster for Betty a play at Harrogate Theatre on 7th April 2018. Tickets from the box office at Harrogate Theatre.

Performance: “Betty” At Harrogate Theatre 7th April: Revealing The Woman Behind Dementia’s Mask

March 4, 2018

There are many different ways to tell someone’s life story and “Betty,” a play coming to Harrogate Theatre on April 7th is extraordinary.

Created by a member of her family Actor Louise Henry woke one morning having had a powerful dream. It was of a old lady living alone.

An actor is on stage wearing an old lady mask touching a small child puppet as if to encourage her to walk.
Like many woman of her age, the children she loved were remembered fondly in her later years.

When she sat back and thought about what it meant, she was reminded of her great-grandmother, Betty Kitching.

Betty was like many women in their heyday; vibrant, loving and full of life.

She was married, happily living on the Yorkshire coastline in Hornsea, a mother and working at Hull’s the House of Mirelle.

As she aged her memory started failing, living her twilight years in a very different way from before.

Exploring Betty the woman 

The one-woman show is a journey of life, love and loss.

Told in a mixture of mask work, mime and puppetry, her great-granddaughter Louise Henry takes the story of “Betty” to the Yorkshire audience for the first time.

Louise was inspired by a vivid dream. She developed “Betty” through a series of interviews with her grandmother, Betty’s daughter, uncovering the many layers of Betty’s life.

She says: “Lots of other interesting things became apparent; the mother daughter relationships in my family, her love life, the losses, the decisions, an array of things that any human can connect with.”

“I explore innovative ways of telling stories, with as few words as possible so that the work is accessible to a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. That’s why I work with a mask and a puppet in this show.”

‘Betty’ is a poignant tale from across the generations, universal and resonant for all.

An actor wears an old lady mask on stage. She is reaching as if to pick up an invisible something in front of her.
Told through a mixture of mime and puppetry, ‘Betty’ is a visually stunning performance.

Reviews have been fantastic for this very personal performance 

A ‘gently uplifting play.’ the Manchester Theatre Awards

‘Fly In Your Soup Theatre have done a good job of creating a piece of theatre exploring the unseen undercurrents of drama, the choices and decisions that shape our lives.’ The Reviews Hub.

Get tickets here 

This is the first performance in Yorkshire and is on for one night only on Saturday 7th April. 7:45 p.m.

Tickets £10.00, full price, £8.00 concessions from the Box Office / online:


Enjoy getting to know Betty!

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